About the Book....

From Dreams & Visions to Out of Body experiences, God takes a Christian woman through a series of supernatural happenings for His Purpose. A gift, that originally felt like a curse, is soon accepted as a tool.

In this book Rachel Rae reveals how God trained her to spiritually combat Demons, expose their tactics and reveal their agendas. She was constantly followed and tormented by them for many years, only to find out that her familiarity with them would soon, spiritually help set people free.

A beauty for ashes transition certainly happens in the second half of the book where she reveals amazing, heavenly, angelic encounters in her worship lifestyle. She sees Holy places that only God could show someone even resulting in seeing the actual face of Jesus Christ. Once she truly embraced the specific assignments God gives her, you then see the confidence of God’s authority operating in her life. Rachel is a first hand witness to what the phrase, “The Blood of Jesus” actually does in the spirit world. Each encounter episodically leads the reader through her journey of God's amazing grace, strategy, revelations and POWER!

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